Go from playing the lottery
to winning the lottery

Go from playing the lottery
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Go from playing
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Being a Responsible Gambler

Being a Responsible Gambler refers to the process where a gambler stays in control of how much time and the money they put into gambling. Either when buying a lottery ticket, or placing a bet or playing poker, playing a gambling machine or casino game. Being a Responsible Gamblermeans treating the activity of gambling as just a form of entertainment in a balanced lifestyle.

Like other forms of entertainment, gambling is an expense and adopting the process of Being a Responsible Gambler will help you to keep your spending and time you put into gambling in check by making sure you don't invest more money and time than what you can reasonably afford.

Everyone who indulge in gambling should understand the cost of this form of entertainment that they are paying for. However, the nature and conditions through which gamble runs are not always clear. Our decisions should be made based on the facts behind the process of gambling, knowing and accepting the odds, and keeping the chances of winning in perspective. This puts consumers and licensed businesses in a position to share the responsibilities that the gambling opportunity offers.

We should also remember that, like any other businesses, those licensed to provide opportunities for gambling are doing so for a profit. Having it in mind that businesses that offer gambling opportunities have a responsibility to do this legally and fairly. This means that they should provide all the information consumers need to make responsible decisions about their spending.

It is our responsibility to fix a certain budget for our gambling activities just as we do with other forms of entertainment such as going to a restaurant, dance hall or a sporting event

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