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Beginner's Guide to Bono Loto

bono lotoLottery games are really popular in Spain. In fact, a number of them are drawn regularly, while some games are drawn during holidays, such as the El Gordo during Christmas. One of their most popular games which are drawn on a regular basis is Bono Loto. Bono Loto is one of the most popular lotto games in Spain, and is a smaller version of the Loteria Primitiva. The game is drawn from Mondays up to Saturdays. 

Both Loteria Primitiva and Bono Lotto has the same rules and mechanics, although the former is more expensive and comes with even bigger prizes. However, there are people that prefer Bono Lotto due to its cheaper price advantage. The game follows the traditional method in which you need to choose six numbers out of 49, unlike the newer ones which come with fifty numbers along with one or two of ten.

Brief History of Bono Lotto

The Spanish BonoLoto began on the 5th of December 1990. As mentioned earlier, it follows the traditional lotto format wherein you pick six numbers from 1 to 49. A bonus number will also be drawn. In the Bono Lotto, the odds of winning the jackpot is one in 13,983,816.

How to Play the Game

The BonoLoto game comes with 49 numbers to choose from, and you will need to pick six of them to play. In order to win the jackpot, the numbers you pick should match the numbers in the BonoLoto results. Just like the Loteria Primitiva, there are four other ways of winning. You either match 5 numbers along with the Bonus Ball, match 5 numbers, match 4, and lastly match 3. The jackpot starts off at 400,000 (EUR) which will eventually increase with each rollover. Since the game is drawn every day of the week (except during Sundays), you can expect the jackpot to rise into millions as soon as possible. The Bono tickets come with six boxes, each containing forty nine numbers. To play Bono lotto, you simply have to mark your six chosen numbers in each box. You can also choose the Lucky Pick option to allow the random number generator to pick numbers for you.

Once you have chosen your six numbers, you will have to decide how many lines you want. You will need to pick at least  2 lines per ticket to play Bono Lotto. However, you can choose up to as many as 30 lines to play. You can even play for extra tickets after if you wish. After that, you should select your draw days. You can choose to play any day from Monday to Saturday. Or if you want, you can choose to play everyday.

Next, choose your draw weeks. Like selecting your draw days, you can choose to play for the upcoming draw week, or play for several draws in the future. Once you carefully review your selection, click on Purchase Ticket to submit your form.

How the BonoLoto Results are Determined

play bono lottoBonoLoto is drawn everyday from Monday to Friday. The numbers are obtained from a spinning drum which contain 49 balls, each numbered from 1 to 49. Six balls will represent the six lucky numbers, and an extra seventh ball is chosen for the second prize.

The amount for the prizes is 55% of the revenue of participation income amount of the game. Basically, there are six different prize categories which are as follow:

  • 1st prize gets 45% of the total amount
  • 2nd prize gets 24%
  • 3rd prize gets 12%
  • 4th prize gets 9%
  • 5th prize gets €4
  • 6th prize gets €0.50

If there are no winners in the first prize category during a draw, the amount will be added to the first prize during the next draw until it reaches the cap. Once the cap has been reached and still no winners for the first prize category, the jackpot will be shared to all players in the second prize category, and so on.

Why You Should Play Bono Lotto

BonoLoto is very popular in Spain, but not nearly as popular around the world. Hence, the number of participants is usually much lower so you have a higher shot at winning the jackpot. Since the game follows the traditional lotto approach, you can easily understand the rules and mechanics that come along with the game. Moreover, the prizes are really too enticing not to take notice..

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