Go from playing the lottery
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Go from playing the lottery
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Find Out If You've Won The Big Bonolotto Jackpot!

BonoLotto is one of Spain's oldest and most important lottery games in all of the country. With prize giveaways given twice a week and special giveaways during the holiday, BonoLotto truly is one of the most decorative lottery games you can ever come across. Bono Loto games are drawn Monday and Saturday. Giving players the opportunity to win twice a week if they are lucky enough. 

Bonoloto has become very popular over its lifespan and has been seen by many to be a smaller version of Loteria Primitiva. However, with the unique giveaways and the draw outs, it has become its lottery business. So if you are a lover of lottery games and would like to try your hand of luck, then we recommend you buy bono tickets and hopefully win bono lotto.

If you find that the odds may be against you, since the numbers that are needed to win are quite high, then we have something that can help you to win the lottery and get those Bonoloto winning numbers. As you continue to read this article we will introduce you to a system that has been proven to work and will significantly increase your chances of winning. 

In this type of game, luck can only get you so far. However, chance can get you somewhere. 


How to play

raining moneyIt is very simple to play Bono Loto lottery games. What the lottery game does is pulls 49 numbers. Out of these 49 numbers, six number will be drawn. Sounds simple enough right? However, here is where the issue comes into play and where things get a little bit more difficult. Choosing the right number combination can be very difficult and very challenging. 

This is primarily because people use favorite numbers or lucky numbers. This way of dealing with lottery games gets most people know where. So we would like to show you how to win and increase your chances of winning. Here at How To Win The Lotto, we have helped hundreds to thousands of people win the lottery, and we are confident that we can help you as well. 


What is the System

The system that we use is a number generator. No, you may think this somewhat trite. However, our number generator has been very successful. Why? Because the number generator uses an algorithm that raises the probability of you winning. As we mentioned earlier, most people choose numbers that are close to them, and as a result, the lottery algorithm can predict the figures that will most likely be used by the players. 

Thus making the probability of the people earning anything next to nothing. Our system does the complete opposite it uses algorithms, but it creates numbers that will almost be in sync with the lottery algorithm system. 

It may sound very complicated, but it isn't. The method that we use is based on math, not off of luck. Everything when it comes to the lottery revolves around chance and what we do is increase your chance of winning. This is what our system does and what has made so many people win the jackpot prizes and earnings. 


The Payout and prize Breakdown

For those who try their hand with Bono Loto, they will learn that there are certain tiers and levels to which they can ascend to get to that higher earning and bigger cash payout. 

There are six different prize categories which are as follow:

1st prize gets 45% of the total amount
2nd prize gets 24%
3rd prize gets 12%
4th prize gets 9%
5th prize gets €4
6th prize gets €0.50
The numbers seem very small, especially for the lower prizes but if you can get to the higher award levels, the earnings are significantly better than that of the lower tiers. 


Bono Loto

Bono Loto is not the typical lottery game that seasoned gamblers may be into. However, with their quirky giveaways and their seasonal and holiday games, it can make for a very entertaining and surprisingly fun place to try your hand at luck. So why not give them a try? You never know how much you can earn if you don't give it a try. 



Our system has helped many people over the years. The system that we use is based on increasing your chances of winning. All that is required on your part is too simple to visit our site. Press a button that will generate a number combination that will have a higher probability of being picked and then reap the rewards. 

We have winners who have won not one tn=ime or two times but multiple times. We implore you to visit our site and read the testimonies of our winners. 


Use Our System

Luck will only get you so far. And in this game of lottery chance is what reigns supreme. The lottery system does focus on randomness, and it is this randomness that our system works to combat. Our algorithm has been proven to pick numbers that will have a higher chance of being drawn by the lottery system. This is what makes the system, so useful and has helped many people become winners. 

If you are tired of wasting your money, and never getting anything back then, this may very well be the system you have been waiting for. You have tried your hand with lady luck, and she has been very cold.

Try your hand with Senior Chance. We are confident that you will find it to be much warmer and much more friendly.