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Play The El Gordo Lotto Online!

el gordo onlineThe El Gordo de la Primitiva is a well-known lottery game in Spain which literally means “the fat one”. However, there is also another lottery game known as El Gordo which is played during Christmas, hence you should know which one you plan on playing. It was established way back in 1993 by Spanish lotto organizers. Initially, the game is drawn only once a month, but since it became popular really quickly, the draw frequency has been changed to one draw per week in October 1997.

The draw will pick five numbers from 1 to 54, together with a single ball which is drawn from another pot of 10 numbers. You can be able to pick your numbers in both games, which is unlike the La Primitiva wherein the Reintegro is automatically assigned to you randomly. In El Gordo, you will have to choose five numbers for the main draw, and one number from 0 to 9 for the Reintegro. The game is drawn on a Sunday afternoon, and the El Gordo tickets will cost €1.50 each.

How to Play

To play the game, you will need to pick five numbers from 1 to 54 for your El Gordo numbers, and a single digit from 0 to 0 for the reintegro. There is also the option of QuickPick in which you allow the players to generate your El Gordo numbers randomly. Another available option allows you to place your bets on a single play slip. This lets you pick up to 11 numbers from the main grid. Of course, the price of the ticket will rise accordingly, and you should confirm your choice by marking the box which is located just below the grid. 

The prizes for El Gordo are a little bit complicated since the prize tiers are calculated differently. For example, the main jackpot constitutes 22% of the total ticket sales, and is won by correctly matching five numbers in the main draw and the reintegro number. If you managed to correctly match at least two main balls, you will get a fixed prize of €3 and a €1.50 refund for the reintegro number. The remaining prizes will be based on a percentage of what’s left. 

The odds of correctly guessing five numbers are one in 3.5 million, while that of the reintegro are one in 30 million. However, the jackpot will start at €5 million and will continue increasing until someone managed to win it. The draws are held every Sunday afternoon, but you will need to purchase your El Gordo tickets during Mondays to Saturdays.

The only revision made to the game, aside from the draw frequency, is the introduction of a 9th prize tier in 2005. This is an attempt to create more winners every draw. The structure and the El Gordo rules are quite similar to other international lottery games like the Mega Millions and Powerball. 

Some Facts about El Gordo

el gordo rulesThe prize structure of El Gordo is quite complicated in the event the jackpot is not won. Rather than rolling over 22% of the ticket sales, 50% of it is equally shared to winners of the lower prize tiers. This only means that if no one wins the jackpot in the current draw, the new jackpot for the next week will be equal to the prize from two weeks earlier, along with 11% of the sales last week, and 22% of the sales in the current week.

With a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €5 million, the El Gordo has one of the largest minimum jackpot prize around the world. To date, the biggest won jackpot is €33 million which was won during 2011. However, the game is not tax-free as there is a 20% government-imposed tax on any prize which goes beyond €2,500. This means that if you do managed to hit the jackpot, then expect to be deducted with a portion of your winnings. The game is drawn every Sunday afternoon, however there will be no available El Gordo tickets on draw day, even in El Gordo online outlets. Therefore you should make sure to play your El Gordo numbers at least one day before draw day.

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