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The Latest EuroJackpot Winning Numbers

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EuroJackpot is considered the second largest in terms of total prizes awarded, second only to EuroMillions. It comes with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of 10 million Euro, and will to rollover every successive week when there’s no winner. The EuroJackpot comes with a maximum jackpot cap of 90 million Euro, and in the event no one managed to win it, the prize money will roll down to the EuroJackpot winners of the next tier, and so on, until a winner is found. This way, EuroJackpot is a faster paced game when compared to EuroMillions, which can often take weeks before someone can win the jackpot.

EuroJackpot Draw Information

Drawings for EuroJackpot are held once a week every Friday night at 21:00 GMT live in Helsinki, Finland. The EuroJackpot latest results are then displayed on the results page immediately after the draw. During the draw, 5 main numbers are chosen along with 2 special numbers 

Unlike most lotteries, the EuroJackpot is specifically designed to provide payouts on a more frequent basis, resulting to odds of 1 in 95 million. Due to this, the jackpot prize will never grow quite as high as that of the EuroMillions since it will most likely be won quickly.


Prize Breakdown

The EuroJackpot comes with 12 prize tiers, and anyone who can match all five main numbers plus the two Euro numbers will end up winning the jackpot which starts at 10 million Euros. In the event no one wins, a rollover will occur until it reaches the 90 million Euro limit. Here is a breakdown of the prize tiers in EuroJackpot:

  • 5 main numbers plus 2 Euro numbers for jackpot prize
  • 5 main and 1 Euro number for 2nd prize
  • 5 main numbers for 3rd prize
  • 4 main and 2 Euro numbers for 4th prize
  • 4 main and 1 Euro number for 5th prize
  • 4 main numbers for 6th prize
  • 3 main and 2 Euro numbers for 7th prize
  • 3 main and 1 Euro number for 8th prize
  • 3 main numbers for 9th prize
  • 2 main and 2 Euro numbers for 10th prize
  • 2 main and 1 Euro number for 11th prize
  • 1 main and 2 Euro numbers for 12th prize


How to Win the EuroJackpot

Regardless of the system you use, winning the EuroJackpot will require exceptional luck. That said, EuroJackpot has become a popular choice among professional players due to its massive jackpots paired by the best odds of winning. Despite the countless methods and systems online which claim to help you come up with your EuroJackpot winning numbers through various other ways, there is no scientifically proven method for accurately guessing them. However, you can improve your odds through the use of simple logic!

Since most players will pick their EuroJackpot numbers based on their important dates on the calendar, picking numbers over 31 will mathematically improve your odds of winning more prizes. How? The logic behind this is simple: if you do win, you will only end up sharing your winnings with fewer people compared to playing using days of the month! The worst number to pick is 7 since this has been the most popular number so far. 

eurojackpot winning numbersYou might also find a few people who would pick 13 and oddly enough, this number is rarely ever drawn in many international lotteries as well as EuroJackpot. If you want to have the best chances of winning bigger prizes, then using a random number generator will help you. You can find random number generator tools online, and you might even be surprised to find out that even veteran players use it.

Before you can start playing EuroJackpot, you should be at least 18 years of age. If you purchase your tickets outside of your country, then you can only claim your prize from the country where you purchased your ticket from. If you buy your tickets online, however, your winnings will be paid as lump sum to your chosen account.

Brief History of the Game

The EuroJackpot was originally intended to compete with the EuroMillions. After observing how successful EuroMillions is, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, and Slovenia decided to arrange a meeting. In 2011, negotiations regarding the launch of EuroJackpot were completed. Later on, Estonia also decided to take part in the lottery. The first ever ticket sales for EuroJackpot started on March 17, 2012 and the first ever draw was held on March 23 that year.

Up to January 2013, EuroJackpot had a rolldown clause - in the event no one managed to win the jackpot after 12 successive draws, a rolldown will take effect in the next draw. Hence if no one still managed to win the jackpot, it will be paid out to the EuroJackpot winners of the next prize tier. 

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