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The Latest Euromillions Results & Winning Numbers

euro millions resultsThe EuroMillions lottery is considered the biggest pan-European game which was launched on February 2004. It’s played across various countries including Spain, UK, Austria, France, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. The EuroMillions comes with 13 prize tiers and a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €17 million. The jackpot will rollover each time no one wins it, right until it reaches the cap of €190 million.

Euro Millions Draw Information

Drawings for the Euromillions are held every Tuesday and Friday night at 8:45 pm in Paris in the studios of the French Radio Broadcasting Company. The draw will also be broadcasted live on French TV under the supervision of Anne-Gaelle Riccio. A standard ticket will cost you €2.50 for every line you play. The cost of playing the Euromillions in the UK has increased to £2.00 on November 2009 due to the merging of the EUR/GBP exchange rate. All prizes are tax-free and will be paid to you as a lump sum.

Aside from the normal draws, there are also special drawings known as Super Draws and Event Draws in which the jackpot prize will have a guaranteed amount, usually amounting to €100,000,000. A Super Draw jackpot will rollover to the next draw in the event no one won, while an Event Draw jackpot will be shared equally among winners of the next prize tier in the event no one wins the jackpot. 

The Super Draw which took place on 2011 has marked the introduction of the 2nd weekly Euromillions draw as well as the new changes to the format of the game. Another Super Draw which was held on 2016 has introduced yet another change to the game format, increasing the overall jackpot prize and introducing 12 lucky stars instead of 11.

euro millions winnersTicket sales for both draws will cut off at 8:30 PM before the drawing is held. Tickets for the next draw will be available again at 10:00 PM after the draw.

The prizes in the Euromillions lottery are pari-mutuel. This means that the amount you can get in any prize tier in the event you win will be based on the number of winning tickets in a particular tier. Hence in case there are several winners in a particular tier, the amount will be evenly split, and the prize for each player will decrease.

Prize Breakdown

There are 13 total prize tiers in Euro Millions. The highest prize is awarded to EuroMillions winners who managed to match 5 main numbers along with the 2 Lucky Stars. Aside from the prize tiers, there’s also the UK Millionaire Maker which grants the winner £1 million. What’s more exciting is the fact that you can win both the jackpot and the UK Millionaire Maker using the same ticket! Here’s a breakdown of the prizes offered in EuroMillions:

  • 5 main numbers plus 2 Lucky Stars for the jackpot prize
  • 5 main numbers plus 1 Lucky Star for 2nd prize
  • 5 main numbers for 3rd prize
  • 4 main numbers plus 2 Lucky Stars for 4th prize
  • 4 main numbers plus 1 Lucky Star for 5th prize
  • 3 main numbers plus 2 Lucky Stars for 6th prize
  • 4 main numbers for 7th prize
  • 2 main numbers plus 2 Lucky Stars
  • 3 main numbers plus 1 Lucky Star
  • 3 main numbers
  • 1 main number plus 2 Lucky Stars
  • 2 main numbers plus 1 Lucky Star
  • 2 main numbers

The EuroMillions jackpot could easily reach up to €190 million due to rollovers. However, once it reaches this level, it is capped and if no one still won the jackpot, the money will roll down and be equally shared among the EuroMillions winners of the next tier which is 5+1. This could happen for four times before the capped jackpot must be won.

In the event you win, the claim period may vary depending on where you’re from. For example, if you’re from Austria you will have 3 years to claim your prize, but if you’re from the UK you only have 180 days to do so. In the event prizes remain unclaimed, they will proceed to other purposes such as certain causes, special promotions, or returned to the lottery.

The UK Millionaire Maker

euromillions results todayThe UK Millionaire Maker is a game that is played alongside Euro Millions and is found on every Euromillions ticket which is sold within the UK. This feature allows two lucky EuroMillions players to win £1 million each draw. Players will automatically gain an entry to the Millionaire Maker draw when playing EuroMillions. Upon purchase, a personalized code will be printed on the ticket and is automatically entered in the draw. The number is generated automatically and will often consist of four letters and five numbers. 

The chances of winning the prize in the Millionaire Maker will vary from draw to draw since they are based on the total number of EuroMillions tickets that are sold in the UK for each draw. Typically, the chances of winning a prize during Tuesday are 1 in 1.9 million, while during Friday the odds increase to 1 in 2.95 million.

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