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Guide to Playing La Primitiva Lotto

la primitiva lotteryThe La Primitiva lotto is the longest running lotto game in Spain. It started its first draw way back in the late 1700s, making it not only the oldest running game in Spain in but throughout the world as well. The name La Primitiva literally translates as “The Primitive One” in reference to the advanced age of the lottery. 

The La Primitiva lottery is drawn on Thursday and Saturday evenings and follow the standard 49 game. Basically, you will need to select six numbers from 1 to 49 and have them matched with the six winning numbers during the draw. There are also other means of winning a prize such as matching 5 numbers and the bonus ball, matching 5 numbers, matching 4, or matching 3 numbers. A bonus ball is drawn from numbers 1 to 9 and used for supplementing the second prize. If the game is not won, then a rollover will occur.

How to Play

In November 2012, a new prize category has been introduced for the 6+R (reintegro) prize. This provides La Primitiva jackpot winners an additional prize aside from the jackpot in the event they match the six winning numbers correctly along with the reintegro number which are assigned automatically on their tickets. A certain portion of the prize fund for every draw is allocated towards the special prize category, hence giving 6+R winners even bigger prizes.

To start playing La Primitiva, you only have to pick six numbers from 1 to 49. Upon purchasing your ticket, you will automatically be assigned with a Reintegro numbers. Aside from being used in the 6+R prize category, you can also enjoy a refund in the event your Reintegro number matches with the result! During a draw, the seventh ball (likewise known as the bonus ball) is drawn from the same drum. While it won’t entitle you to a jackpot winning combination, you can be able to win second prize by simply matching five numbers plus the bonus ball number.

There are several ways to play the La Primitiva lotto. One is to use the normal method of picking your six number combination. The other one is to use the Lucky Pick which relies on a random number generator to randomly choose your number for you. You can decide to play for a specific draw day, or choose to play for both draw days. The same goes with the draw week - you either play on the upcoming week, or ply for multiple future draws.

La Primitiva Rules

la primitiva jackpotThe modern La Primitiva lotto format uses a single drum that comes with a guess range of 1 to 49. To play the game, you pick 6 numbers and have them matched with the 6 winning numbers that are randomly picked from the drum. A seventh ball will be drawn from the same drum by the lottery officials. The seventh ball won’t count towards the jackpot prize but will go for the 2nd prize instead.

The La Primitiva lottery comes with six prize tiers and a €1.00 consolation prize per line for the Reintegro. The breakdown are as follow:

  • 6 balls + Reintegro
  • 6 balls for 1st prize
  • 5 balls + Bonus for 2nd prize
  • 5 balls for 3rd prize
  • 4 balls for 4th prize
  • 3 balls for 5th prize
  • Reintegro number for consolation prize

The La Primitiva jackpot often starts at €3 million and will rollover to the following draw in the event no one has managed to match the winning number combination. The odds of matching the six numbers plus the Reintegro are 1 in 139,838,160. 

There are several records of big jackpots won on on La Primitiva. It includes a €25 million jackpot back in 2005 and €26 million in 2007. In 2013, the game has a rollover run amounting to  €66.6 million from March to August. However, the biggest jackpot ever recorded was on October 15, 2015 when one lucky player managed to win a whooping €98.4 million!

Nowadays, it is possible to play the La Primitiva lottery regardless if you’re from Spain or not. You simply have to purchase La Primitiva tickets from official outlets or from trusted online lotteries.

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