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La Primitiva Lottery Results & Information

la primitiva lottoWhen it comes to a variety of lottery games, Spain surely won’t get left behind. In fact, the country offers a wealth of lottery games along with one of the oldest lotteries in the world - the La Primitiva lotto. Basically, the La Primitiva results are decided two times a week every Thursday and Saturday at 9:30 in the evening.

It has the Reintegro feature which assigns a random number on your ticket upon purchase. By simply matching the Reintegro number during the draw, you will be able to win €1 for every line played. Once you have played 5 lines on your ticket and the Reintegro number matches that of the result, you will win €5. If you managed to match all 6 winning numbers, you win the jackpot. 


La Primitiva Draw Information

The La Primitiva results are drawn two times a week every Thursday and Saturday at 9:30 in the evening. During the draw, six numbers are selected from a pool of 49 numbers. An extra number, known as the Reintegro, is also drawn and will help determine the winner for the jackpot prize and all other prize tiers. Keep in mind that the Reintegro number is automatically assigned to your ticket upon purchased, and there is no means of picking it manually. By matching all 6 numbers plus the Reintegro, you can expect to win a guaranteed minimum of €3 million as jackpot prize. 

primitiva lottery resultsIn 2012, a game called La Primitiva Joker is also drawn after the main draw. This is basically a seven-number game, although the numbers are randomly generated and printed on your La Primitiva ticket. This game is only available by playing the La Primitiva. The Joker game has a fixed prize value of €1 million for the 1st prize.


Prize Breakdown

The La Primitiva comes with a starting jackpot prize of €3 million which will quickly increase due to rollovers. The game currently offers six prize tiers from the highest prize which is the jackpot down to the lowest prize for matching 3 numbers. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 6 numbers plus Reintegro for the jackpot prize
  • 6 numbers for the 2nd prize
  • 5 numbers plus Bonus Ball for 3rd prize
  • 5 numbers for 4th prize
  • 4 numbers for 5th prize
  • 3 numbers for 6th prize

The La Primitiva also features an optional game known as the Joker. It is a 7-number game wherein you are given a randomly generated number combination upon purchasing a ticket. You can choose to play the game if you play La Primitiva. To do so, simply select “On” under the “Play Joker” option and pay for the extra fee. Here is a breakdown of the prize tiers for the Joker game:

  • €1 million for the 1st prize
  • €100,000 for the 2nd prize
  • €10,000 for the 3rd prize
  • €1,000 for the 4th prize
  • €100 for the 5th prize
  • €10 for the 6th prize

Keep in mind that the prizes for the Joker game are all fixed in value, unlike that of La Primitiva. 


La Primitiva - The Longest Running Lottery in the World!

The La Primitiva Lotto first took place in the 18th century as a means of raising funds for the Spanish treasury. This makes La Primitiva one of the longest running lottery games around the world. It first started as a 5/90 lottery, which means you will need to match 5 numbers correctly from a range of 1 to 90. It was until August 1985 that the game has adapted the modern 6/49 lottery format which was introduced by the Organismo Nacional de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado or ONLAE.

Some of the game’s biggest jackpot ever won include €24 million in 2005, €32 million in 2013, and a record €101.7 million way back in October 2015. In November 2012, a new prize tier has been included and can be won by matching six numbers along with the Reintegro number for the 2nd prize.


La Primitiva Lotto Jackpot Winners

It is required by law to allocate 70% of the revenue from lotteries to the total prize fund. Through this, you can  expect jackpot prizes to grow significantly in a short period of time, regardless if less tickets are sold than usual. Apart from that, there is no rollover limits, hence it is possible for the La Primitiva jackpot to rise to unbelievable amounts.

This has been the case in February 2014 where two lucky players were able to share a massive €73 million as the jackpot prize after a total rollover of 39 times. Another massive winning happened in 2013 which was €32 million. However, the biggest ever jackpot prize ever won in the history of La Primitiva was a whooping €101.7 million which was won on October 17, 2015 by a single lucky ticket. All of the jackpot prizes are tax-free, and winners have received their money in the form of lump sum.

To know more about La Primitiva and how to get your next set of Primitiva lottery tickets, click here.