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Go from playing the lottery
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Get All The Latest Lottery Results Here!

latest lottery resultsEver dreamed of winning the lottery? Lotteries offer the highest possible rewards and prizes if you’re lucky enough to pick the winning number combination. There are several types of lotteries that are offered throughout the world and each of them has its own set of rules that vary from one to another.

Most people who are either new to lotteries or have not played for long are suspicious that the lotteries may not be as fair, honest and trustworthy as they seem. They wonder if the numbers chosen are truly random? Or if the winners are real? However, regardless of the brand, all the international lotteries that we work with are well established, legal and registered. They are governed by international gaming authorities who ensure all the draws are fair, random and that the payouts always get to the right lottery ticket owner. Plus, most of them share the same basic mechanics when it comes to how the latest lotteries results are drawn. 

BonoLotto is one of Spain's oldest and most important lottery games in all of the country. With prize giveaways given twice a week and special giveaways during the holiday, BonoLotto truly is one of the most decorative lottery games you can ever come...
Oz Lotto is a nationwide lottery game played across Australia. It offers a guaranteed minimum prize of $2 million and can quickly go up to $50 million or even more! Draws are made every Tuesday night, in which 9 balls are drawn randomly out of 45...
The Mega Millions come with a starting jackpot of $15 million, making it one of the most popular lottery games throughout the world. In fact, a total of seven jackpots which amounted to more than $300 million have been awarded throughout its lifetime....
When it comes to a variety of lottery games, Spain surely won’t get left behind. In fact, the country offers a wealth of lottery games along with one of the oldest lotteries in the world - the La Primitiva lotto. Basically, the La Primitiva...
The Lotto 6/49 game is a national lottery based in Canada. It’s one of the country’s most played lottery games, and was also the first national lottery where players got to pick their own numbers. Each ticket will cost you $2 and the goal is...
The El Gordo de la Primitiva, likewise known as the El Gordo, is a lottery game in Spain with a literal translation meaning “the Fat One”. It was launched way back in 1993 and was held once a month, until 1997 wherein the draw frequency has...

Throughout history, lotteries have been used as a way of raising funds for public projects, and are still in used even today. Its history can be traced back to as early as 205 and 187 BC in ancient China. Today, with most lottery games offering hundreds of millions and even billions of jackpot prizes to the lucky lottery winners, the benefits of playing the lottery are staggering. And not just to the lucky winners: lotteries are commonly used to generate massive income for public projects that benefit the citizens of the lottery's home state or country.

So get your lottery numbers ready because today's lotto results might make you a millionaire lottery winner!


The Odds That Win The Lottery

Let us first take a look at how you can calculate the odds of selecting the right number combination for a lotto game. To win the game, you will need to correctly choose six lottery numbers out of 50 possible balls. The order doesn’t really matter - you simply need to choose the right numbers.

The odds of picking one correct number will depend on the total number of balls already chosen. For example, none of the six numbers have been chosen yet, and you will need to guess at least one correct number. Considering that there are 50 of them, and only six are going to be picked, you have six attempts at choosing the right number. This gives you the odds of correctly choosing one number 50/6 or 8.33:1. With the same formula, you can determine the odds of correctly picking another number once the first has been drawn. With the remaining 49 balls, and five more to be drawn, the odds will be 49/5 or 9.8:1. Now for instance, five numbers were already drawn, and you will need to guess the last remaining number. With 45 balls remaining, you will only have one shot which gives you the odds of 45:1.

lottery numbersSome states will increase or decrease the total number of balls in order to change the winning odds. If the odds are too predictable, then people will have an easy way of hitting the jackpot almost every week. Huge jackpots can easily drive more ticket sales, and if the prize isn’t huge enough, then ticket sales will suffer a decline. On the other hand, if the winning odds are too high, ticket sales will also suffer a decline. Hence, lotteries should find a good balance between the winning odds and the total number of people playing.

Some people will try to increase their chances of using through the help of several strategies. Even though they don’t have a guarantee of increasing your overall odds significantly, they are without a doubt fun to experiment with.


The Lotto Machines That Draw The Winning Numbers

To determine today lottery results, two types of machines are used. One is the gravity pick machine, and the other is the air mix machine. Basically, the two have a few things in common, which are the following:

  • They are made and tested through the use of statistical analysis as a means of producing random results.
  • It is always possible to see the balls during the drawing and mixing process. Since the draws are aired in TV live, you will be confident that the draws are not manipulated or fixed.

today lottery resultsOne popular type of gravity pick machine makes use of solid rubber balls for drawing. They are dropped to a chamber and are mixed through the use of two paddles spinning in separate directions. The operator will then open a sliding door located at the bottom part of the chamber. One by one, the balls go through a clear tube which is visible by all, until all six balls have been drawn. A sensor will detect every passing ball, hence giving passage only to the right number of balls.

Another common type of drawing machine for drawing lottery numbers is the air mix machine. This machine makes use of pingpong balls that are specifically painted with lotto numbers and calibrated to ensure the exact same weight and dimensions. They are then released inside the air mix machine and mixed up through jets of air. The operator will open a valve allowing air out of the machine via a tube or tubes located at the top. Once the valve opens, the balls are then blown towards the tube, which are then are transferred via another tube for everyone to see.


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