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The Latest Lotto 6/49 Draw Results

Tlotto 649 winnerhe Lotto 6/49 game is a national lottery based in Canada. It’s one of the country’s most played lottery games, and was also the first national lottery where players got to pick their own numbers. Each ticket will cost you $2 and the goal is to pick six numbers from 1 to 49 and match them with that of the 6 winning numbers from the 689 results during draw date. 

Lotto 6/49 Draw Information

Lotto 649 results are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation in a Smartplay Halogen II draw machine. Players have the option of buying tickets up to 26 weeks in advance. Ticket sales will be cut off on 21:00 EST during draw nights, while the draw will usually begin at 9:10 pm. Six numbers will be drawn from a pool of 49, along with a Bonus number which will improve the value of prizes in the lower tiers. A guaranteed prize draw is also held after the main draw (details are found below).

Prize Breakdown and Winning Odds

The guaranteed minimum prize for the Lotto 649 jackpot has been increased to CA$5 million since 2013, and can increase to even higher amounts due to rollovers. Approximately 40% of the total ticket sales for Lotto 649 are allocated to the prize pool. Here is a breakdown of the prizes and winning odds in Lotto 649:

  • 6 numbers for the jackpot prize (with odds of 1 in 13,983,816)
  • 5 numbers plus the Bonus for 2nd prize (with odds of 1 in 2,330,636)
  • 5 numbers for the 3rd prize (with odds of 1 in 55,492)
  • 4 numbers for the 4th prize (with odds of 1 in 1,033)
  • 3 numbers for the 5th prize (with odds of 1 in 56.7)
  • 2 numbers plus the Bonus for 6th prize (with odds of 1 in 81.2)
  • 2 numbers for the 7th prize (with odds of 1 in 8.3)

For the Guaranteed Prize Draw, 7% of the total ticket sales are allocated to the prize pool as well as for any other special draw prizes. The odds of winning the Guaranteed Prize Draw will depend on how many tickets are sold, with each ticket having equal chances of winning the prize. The prizes for each of the draw should be claimed within a year after the draw date. The Lotto 649 results are determined every Wednesday and Saturday. In the event there’s no Lotto 649 winner for the jackpot during draw date, it will rollover and be added to the next draw’s jackpot.

Guaranteed Prize Draw

After the main numbers are drawn for the jackpot and lower prize tiers, one Guaranteed Prize Drawn will be randomly selected from the selections, netting the winner a prize of $1 million. The Guaranteed Prize Draw selection will comprise of eight numbers which are then followed by a 2-digit trailer. The first eight digits for the same ticket are unique and won’t appear on any other tickets for the same draw. One winning selection will be picked from those issued in order to ensure that a winning ticket exists for each draw. Since the selection is unique, it won’t be possible to share your number with other ticket holders.

lotto 649 jackpotIf you’re from Canada, you can purchase tickets for Lotto 649 from authorized ticket outlets and retailers. However, if you’re outside of the country but still want to participate in the game, it is possible to buy your tickets from an online retailer. In the event you win, you will need to claim your prize from the same province where you bought your ticket. For example, if Ontario, you will have to get in touch with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in order to claim your prize. If you bought your ticket online, you will need to contact them and find out how you can claim your prize.

Lotto 649 Jackpot History

The largest Lotto 649 jackpot before prices for the ticket went up in 2004 was $26.4 million which was won on September 1995. However, the largest jackpot ever recorded in the history of Lotto 6/49 was $64 million which was one by one lucky ticket holder in Ontario.

The second largest prize was $63.4 million which was won on April 2013. Meanwhile, the third largest was $54.3 million which was won by a group of oil and gas plant workers in Alberta. By comparison, the Canadian Lotto Max lottery comes with a main prize pool which could exceed $100 million, although there is a limit to the main jackpot capping only at $60 million. The excess “main prize pool” will be allocated to a series of $1 million prizes for the MaxMillions on the same draw.

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