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New York lotto

ny lotteryWhen it comes to US lotteries, there is nothing quite as exciting as the NY lottery! In fact, there is no other lottery game that’s considered nearly as big or as profitable in the whole of North America! It's so gigantic that every single year the NY lottery generates so much excess it donates up to $3 billion per annum just to fund educational programs across the state! 


Why is the New York Lottery So Popular?

The NY lottery was one of the first pioneer lotteries that were run by the US government and help provide the much needed funds for all kinds of state run programs. In fact, was the second of all the US state lotteries, having been established way back in 1967. From the very first year, the game has enjoyed a lot of support and was so successful that $53.6 million in prizes was given away just in 1967. In fact, people from nearby states would often visit New York just to purchase NY lottery tickets!

Since then, the NY lottery has started to gain even more massive popularity and has developed a lottery aid program which donates up to $42 billion every year. The only exception being the one year it was shut down way back in the 1970s due to an issue regarding lottery tickets being unofficially sold. Aside from that one year, this is one of the most stable, dependable lotteries in the world.

A whooping total of 110 prizes worth more than a million dollars has been given away in NY lotto prizes from 2010 to 2011 alone!  But the NY lotto offers more than massive jackpot give aways every week: when people buy tickets, they are not only purchasing a chance to win millions, but are also supporting a better future for the next generation.


Learn How to Play the NY Lotto

To play the NY lotto game, you will need to choose six numbers from 1 to 59. By correctly guessing all six numbers, you will win the jackpot prize. You can choose to manually pick the numbers if you already have a number combination in mind, or choose the Quick Pick option and have our algorythm system randomly generate your optimal numbers. The minimum play is $1 for 2 game panels, and you can play up to $5 on the 10 game play slip. If you manage to win the jackpot, you will have sixty days to claim your rewards. You have two options: either through annuity payments, or cash value in lump sum.


Special Game Features

The NY Lotto comes with the Play It Again feature that will allow you to buy an exact copy of a ticket which you have bought in the past 30 days. To do so, you simply have to show your ticket to the retailer and ask to “Play It Again”. A similar ticket with the same number combination, wager amount, and wager type for the upcoming draw will be produced. Moreover, the cost for playing the Play It Again ticket is also the same.

Another feature allows you to win the second prize by simply matching 5 out of the 6 numbers drawn plus the so-called Bonus Number. The Bonus Number is the 7th drawn number which is only used for the 2nd prize category. It doesn’t affect the jackpot in any way. 


How the NY Lotto Results Are Drawn?

ny lotto The NY Lotto is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday night, during which 6 winning numbers are chosen from 59 numbered balls, along with a bonus number. The draws are broadcasted in TV, hence you can see them live from your local TV station in your area.

In the event you managed to win, you have one year from the draw date to claim your prize on a pari-mutuel basis. For every lotto draw, 40% of the total sales for that draw will be allocated to the prize pool. The money distribution is as follows:

  • 75% for the first prize
  • 7.25% for the second prize
  • 5.50% for the third prize
  • 6.25% for the fourth prize
  • 6.00% for the fifth prize

The prize awarded for each prize category is determined by simply dividing the prize money available for for a particular level by the number of winners for that prize level. There are two payment options you can choose from to claim your jackpot in the event you win. You can either choose to claim your prize through annual payments, or receive it in lump sum. Lotto jackpots are often advertized at the annuitized amount. If you choose the lump sum, however, be aware that you will receive the approximate value of the advertised amount. 


The NY Lottery is no doubt one of the biggest and most exciting games available online from anywhere in the world! You don't have to be from the Big Apple to take a bite out of this jackpot - buy your online tickets now!