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How NY Lottery Results are Drawn

ny lottery winning numbersThe NY Lottery is one of the biggest and most profitable lottery games within North America. In fact, there’s no other State lottery that’s as huge and profitable as the NY lottery, with more than $3 billion of its funds being allotted to the state’s education every single year. The NY lotto is also a pioneer of government-run lotteries within the US and the 2nd state lottery to launch way back in 1967. Since then, it has been quite successful that more than $50 million was grossed in its first year alone, prompting residents from nearby states to purchase tickets from NY lottery outlets.


NY Lottery Draw Information

The New York Lotto is just one of the four draw games played in New York and comes with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $2 million. To win the jackpot prize, you will need to match six numbers from a pool of 59. Draws will take place every Wednesday and Saturday. 

During the draw, seven numbers will be drawn, six for the main numbers and a final number which acts as a bonus number which is used to determine the winners for the 2nd prize category. The second prize can be claimed by matching five main numbers along with the bonus number. Aside from that, there are other prize tiers such as matching tree, four or five numbers. All these prize tiers are pari-mutuel except for the Match 3 prize. Draws are broadcasted live via television.


Prize Breakdown and Winning Odds

The NY lotto jackpot starts at $2 million but will quickly increase due to rollovers. Currently, there are five winning prize tiers for the New York Lotto. You will need to pay $1 to play two lines, and pick six numbers from 1 to 59. If your number combination matches that of the NY lottery winning numbers in the NY lotto results, you win the jackpot. In the event multiple players have the same number combination, the prize will be divided equally. Below is a breakdown of the prize tiers and winning odds when playing New York Lotto:

  • Six numbers for the jackpot (1 in 45,057,474 for 1 line, 1 in 22,528,737 for 2 lines)
  • Five numbers + bonus for 2nd prize (1 in 7,509,579 for 1 line, 1 in 3,754,789.50 for 2 lines)
  • Five numbers for 3rd prize (1 in 144,414.98    for 1 line, 1 in 72,207.49 for 2 lines)
  • Four numbers for 4th prize (1 in 2,179.85 for 1 line, 1 in 1,089.92 for 2 lines)
  • Three numbers for 5th prize (1 in 96.17 for 1 line, 1 in 48.08 for 2 lines)

Players who managed to match three numbers will win $1, while the other prize tier winners will receive payouts depending on the ticket sales and the total number of winners for their respective tier. In the event no one has won the jackpot, it will roll over. In most cases, it could reach eight figures before it’s won. Moreover, the 2nd prize tier will also experience a rollover if not won in a particular draw. The odds of winning any prize in the NY Lotto are 1 in 46.02.


History of The NY Lotto & Winners

ny lottery resultsThe NY Lottery organisation was founded in 1996, although there were other lotteries already played in the US since the end of 19th century. The proceeds for the NY lottery are intended to the construction of government establishments and providing financial support to the state’s education.

The biggest NY lottery jackpot ever won was $319 million on March 25. 2011 by a syndicate made up of state workers name “Albany 7”. Their NY lottery winning numbers were randomly generated by the system after Mike Barth, the one who bought the ticket, lost his spot in the queue after buying a candy bar. Another noteworthy story of NY lottery wins was on July 2008 by Degli Martinez. He has received a whooping $65 million a year after the draw date in which he won. He has the jackpot receipt but had lost the winning ticket, thus causing some complications in the payout. The case was thoroughly investigated by the police, and when the one year deadline for claiming the prize came with no one claiming the winnings, he has been awarded the prize.

While NY lotto’s jackpot prizes are all good, the main goal of the game is to raise money for the NY state itself. Fortunately, the NY lottery is able to garner annual aids of up to $3 billion and are still continuing to grow from $1.5 billion ten years ago. Such massive figures only mean that aside from providing massive jackpots, NY lottery also helps in shaping the education of children within the state.


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