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A Brief Information on How to Play New York Lotto

play new york lotto onlineThe New York Lotto is a popular lottery game played in the United States and is also one of the oldest. It was launched way back in 1967 and is considered the third modern US lottery right after New Hampshire’s and Puerto Rico’s. The game has a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $3 million which quickly increases with rollovers.

History of the New York Lotto

Before the 20th century, the funds raised by lottery games in New York were used for non-educational needs. Other games were used for building and repairing canals and any other public facilities. On November 1966, New Yorkers have decided to have the proceeds of the lottery games support state education through a constitutional amendment. The New York Lotto started in 1967 and has managed to raise over $34 billion for educational purposes. 

Players should be at least 18 years of age to play the New York Lotto. Any winnings are subject to Federal and state income taxes, and New Yorkers are also subject to local income taxes.

How to Play New York Lotto

Drawings for the New York Lotto are held every Wednesday and Saturday nights at 11:21 in the evening. To start playing, you should pick six numbers from a total number pool of 59 along with a Bonus Ball. You also have the option of choosing Quick Pick to allow the computer to randomly generate a number combination for you. 

In your play slip, you can find ten game panels with each of the squares containing numbers 1 to 59. With a blue or black pen, simply mark your preferred numbers in a game panel. You can also mark the Quick Pick box and have a randomly generated number combination picked for you. You are given two game panels for every $1 play and can choose to spend $5 to play all 10 game panels.

After deciding your numbers either through manual selection or Quick Pick, the next thing to do is to choose your preferred payment option in the event you win the jackpot. You can find this selection in the payment option box which can be found on the front side of your play slip. Select the “26 Annual Payments” option to receive your prize through annuity in the form of 26 annual payments. However, if you want to receive your prize in lump sum payment, you should mark the “Lump Sum Cash” box. By choosing lump sum payment, the amount of money you receive will be different from that of the advertised amount. 

Once you’ve double checked your numbers, simply hand over your play slip to the ticket retailer and receive a ticket for every play slip you buy. Check your tickets to confirm that your numbers which you’ve picked along with the date are correct. Keep in mind that if you buy New York Lotto tickets online or from a local retailer, your purchase is final and can’t be canceled.

But what if you choose to play New York Lotto online?

Playing New York Lotto online actually follows the same rules and mechanics of playing from a local ticket outlet - except that it is a lot quicker and you have the option of saving your favourite numbers. After selecting your numbers, double check your play slip before you click Play Now and pay for your ticket. 

How are the Results Drawn?

Results for the New York Lotto are drawn using a machine with numbered balls. The balls are numbered 1 to 59. In order to win, you have to match your chosen numbers with the winning numbers during a draw. Aside from the jackpot prize, a second prize will also be awarded by matching five of the winning numbers and the Bonus number. Lower prize tiers are also available and can be won by matching five, four, or three of the winning numbers. Drawings for the New York Lotto are broadcasted on TV stations throughout New York. 

New York Lotto Prize Information

buy new york lotto tickets onlineWith the introduction of Lotto Extra, players can now enjoy even more prize tiers since two Bonus numbers are drawn. Aside from the prize levels mentioned earlier, the second prize is won if you managed to match either of the Bonus numbers selected during the drawing. Prizes are also given to players who can match four numbers along with a Bonus number, three numbers and a Bonus number, and two numbers with a Bonus number.

The guaranteed minimum jackpot for the New York Lotto game starts at $3 million. If no one managed to win the jackpot, a rollover will occur which significantly increases the game’s overall jackpot for the next drawing. The second prize tier also goes through a rollover if there’s no winner. The amount for the lower prize tiers will depend on the total ticket sales and the number of winning tickets. If there are multiple winners on a particular prize tier, the prize money will be split accordingly.

In the event you win the jackpot from the New York Lotto, you can choose to receive your prize through annual payments or lump sum payment. Meanwhile, lower-tier prizes are paid out in cash. Any prizes should be claimed within a year from the winning draw date. In the case of an unclaimed prize within the given timeframe, the money will be given back to the lottery organization for other purposes.

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