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Play El Gordo This Christmas To Win The 'Fat One'!


The Fat One Spanish Christmas LotteryEl Gordo is the biggest world's known lottery and its name means "The Fat One" which is connected with a huge amount of money you can win. It is the biggest lottery in the whole world because of its payouts. El Gordo is the nickname of the ticket which wins the first prize. In 2011, the biggest winning number was worth 4 million euros and since then that number hasn't changed. The second prize is worth 1.250.000 euro. In 2016, around 15,000 winnings ticket numbers in different amounts could win 2.3 billion euros.

This enormous Spanish lottery takes place every year on 22nd of December and it's transmitted in the whole Spain. In 2016, the lottery celebrated its 240th anniversary. The ceremony of drawing the lottery is at Teatro Real de Madrid in Madrid, Spain and its broadcasted both on Spanish TV "La1" channel and on the Internet from 8 am. The lottery draw itself starts at 9 am.


What is The Fat One?

The draw of the lottery is managed by the Spanish government. 70% of the lottery prize is paid out as prizes and 30% goes to government as taxes. From 2013, there is 20% tax on all the winnings which are more than 2500 euros, however, the El Gordo lottery was tax-free until that year. Apart from the usual way of playing the lottery, people are also able to play the el gordo lottery online.


How to Buy Tickets For the Spanish Christmas Lottery Online?

If you happen to live in Spain, you can buy tickets for El Gordo lottery at lottery offices in Barcelona at hypermarkets, on the streets, as well as in many of tobacconist shops. For some reason, people believe that some of the places where they can buy tickets are "lucky" so they stand for hours waiting for their turn to buy them. The tickets selling starts months in advance.

If you're not in Spain or if you're not willing to wait hours to buy your ticket, you can also buy your Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets online. And even better, if you buy your El Gordo tickets right here on How To Win The Lotto, you get the benefit of our super number generator that increases your winning chances almost a hundred fold!

The reason why the El Gordo is considered the biggest Christmas lottery in the whole world is because of many winning numbers with awards of smaller amounts of money. The biggest winning ticket is worth 4 million euros. In Spain, almost every person buys one, two or even more tickets for the lottery  so much so that it's become part of the national Spanish Christmas tradition.

The annual prize payout in the El Gordo lottery is over 2 billion euros in total which is why the lottery is so successful. The bigger the winnings are, the more tickets are being sold, the amounts of prizes are bigger and more and more people buy the tickets. This is basically the way in which this lottery became so popular and so big in the world.

The whole lottery started on 4th of March in 1812 so more than 200 years ago. Since then, around 75% people living in Spain buy a lottery ticket or a share of a ticket every year. Some people say that the percentage is closer to 90 than 75!


Last year's winner of the Fat OneNumbers and prizes in El Gordo lottery

El Gordo has a complex numbering system. If you want to play, you cannot pick your own numbers. When buying a ticket for El Gordo, you get it together with your own number. In the Spanish Christmas Lottery, there are 100,000 different numbers which range from 00000 up to 99999. They are in the lottery balls which rolls around in a huge rotating drum when the day of the El Gordo lottery draw comes. There is a picture of some Christmas scene on every ticket number and the picture is different every year. The winning numbers are drawn on the 22nd of December, as it was already said. This is a part of the Spanish tradition since many many years now.


How are they picking the numbers?

Spanish schoolchildren pick the winning numbersEvery year on 22nd of December, children of the age from 8 to 14 from the school "Colegio se San Ildefonso" in Segovia, which was previously an orphanage, gather together in order to pick numbers. They are called "los niños de San Ildefonso" and they pick small wooden balls with numbers on it out from the two big golden drums which contain 100.000 numbers. The whole ceremony is called "el soniquete de los Niños de San Ildefonso". In one drum, there are the winning numbers and in the other one, there are prize amounts. Children work in pairs, they pick the number from the first drum and sing it and then pick the number from the second drum and they also sing it.

The whole ceremony of picking up numbers lasts around 3 hours. It is part of Christmas in Spain and if one year there was no lottery, it wouldn't be the same. For people in Spain, it is, of course, very exciting day, everyone wants to win, but it is also a good way to have some fun. The most exciting part is waiting for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes, then two 4th prizes and eight 5th prizes.

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