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Want To Be A Big Lottery Jackpot Winner?

Biggest Lottery WinnersThere are some people who won those huge amounts, that can last people a few lifetimes. These are the people that do not have to worry about the money ever again, and are considered the biggest lottery winners ever.


$656 million – Mega million jackpot

When you win this amount of money, you really need to celebrate! Merle and Patricia Butler from Red Bud, Illinois and three teachers from Milford Mill, Maryland, as well as one anonymous winner from Ottawa, Kansas shared this huge win. That sum was $218,6 million each. Merle and Patricia were the only ones who publicly came forward, and they shared a part of their plan for how will they spend the money. They said the would “do some real good” and that they will hire financial planners and attorneys to make sure they do not spend the money in a hurry.

Another great win was one of Eddie Nabors from Dalton, Georgia and Elaine and Harold Messner of Woodbine, New Jersey, who all shared the Mega Millions jackpot of whopping $390 million. It happened on March 6th, 2017. Nabors in an interview stated that he is going to help his family out; pay off mortgages for his close family, but a house for one of the kids to get them to move out of the mobile home, and buy a fishing boat for his son. After he said all of that, and after being asked what is he going to do, he said that he’s just going fishing. What would you do with this kind of money? Maybe go and play the lottery here on How To Win The Lotto, and let us write your story!

The $380 million was won on January 4th in 2011. Jim and Carolyn McCullar from Ephrata, Washington told reporters that they won’t spend too much money they won. They said they will put it in a bank, donate to charity and give some money to their kids. Another $380 million Mega Millions jackpot was also won by Holly Lahti from Rathdrum, Idaho. After the winning ticket, she went into hiding and quit her job. She didn’t say anything to the press, but her ex-husband was happy about it! In this case, Holly had a reason to hide, since the media did some digging and found out that the couple was never legally divorced. That would give a potential legal claim on Holly’s lucky ticket to her husband.


Get your winning lottery ticket herePowerball Record

In 2006, eight workers from a meatpacking plant won the Powerball jackpot on February 18th, and the winnings they shared was a huge, $365 million. This winning made 3 out of 8 winners to quit their job. The group consisted of seven men and one woman, two in the group were immigrants from Vietnam and one from Congo. Alain Maboussou, the immigrant from Congo, said he wants to pursue a business degree. Winnings like this can definitely fulfil peoples’ dreams, and ensure for them not to work at all for the foreseeable future. Winning like this means that each person got about $45,63 million, respectively.

The media has always been around, trying to find people who got those huge winnings. After Joe and Sue Kainz from Tower Lakes in Illinois, and Larry and Nancy Ross of Shelby Township, Michigan won their jackpot in The Big Game on May 9th, 2000, reporters were there, trying to find the people who won this huge jackpot. According to some sources, the Kainzes were driving down to the convenience store where they had purchased the ticket and saw the reporters all over the place, and they even spoke to one reporter, who didn’t actually know that they were the actual winners and newly baked millionaires. Joe told reporters that he is going to invest the money in the brewery they owned, do some fixing on their house and pay down debts they collected over the years.

$340 million Powerball jackpot went to two families from Oregon on October 19th, 2005, the Chaneys and the Wests. Steve and Carolyn West from Medford, Oregon actually told everyone they won the Powerball after they had spent the money. It was reported that they have bought a huge home on six acres, with a hot tub, a pool and a 30-foot water slide.


Were there more? Yes!

The next two winnings of $336 million were won in 2012 and 2009. Louise White from Newport, Rhode Island won the Powerball on February 11th. She reported that she kept the winning lottery ticket in her Bible. She hired attorneys and formed a trust for her family. While Louise had a good experience with winnings, James Groves from New York City, had a bad time dealing with his winnings. He shared the jackpot with the other winner, Kevyn Ogawa from San Gabriel, California. Groves reported that after finding out that he won some money, friends and acquaintances were calling him day and night, asking for some money. He reported that even though the winning that sum is amazing, living with it is just “pure evil” and “a nightmare”.

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