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Play SuperEnalotto Online

play superenalottoThe SuperEnalotto is Italy’s version of a lottery game. It started way back in 1997, however the Italian lottery “Enalotto” has been around since the mid-20s. It comes with cheap ticket prices and huge rewards, but the chances of winning it very low. For €1, you can get two tickets which you can use to play.

There are several reasons why the SuperEnalotto is an exciting lottery game to play. One of these is that it comes with no jackpot cap. It simply means that the jackpot prize could increase indefinitely in the event no one managed to win the jackpot. The biggest jackpot prize ever won in SuperEnalotto is €177 million after eight months of continued rollovers.

How to Play SuperEnalotto

To play SuperEnalotto, you will need to pick six numbers from 1 to 90. There is no need for any number sets, power balls, or star numbers. Simply choose your preferred numbers, or go for the QuickPick option to pick random numbers for you. The game is drawn on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays every week. 

The odds of winning this Italian lottery game are one in 620 million. In fact, the prize tier you could get for matching 3 numbers are one to 327. The game comes with a Jolly number which works like a bonus ball. It won’t have any impact on winning the jackpot prize, but will instead place you in the 2nd prize category in case you win.

More recently, the game has added a Superstar number which is picked from the same pot. In the event you match it either alone or with another win, you can have a significant boost in your payout. To play the Superstar, you will need to pay an extra €0.50.

Every €1 ticket will provide you with two attempt to play SuperEnalotto. On every line, you will have to pick six numbers from 1 to 90 and have them matched with the winning number combinations to bring home the jackpot. A Jolly number is also picked from the same pot and gives you the chance to win the second prize by just matching 5 numbers.

Matching six numbers correctly will give you the jackpot. However, you can choose to improve your prize by adding €0.50 for the Superstar. Matching the Superstar alone will give you €5 with the odds of one in 138. But if you do managed to match all six numbers plus the Superstar number, you will be given the jackpot prize plus a €2 million bonus!

Jackpot prizes in SuperEnalotto don’t have a cap, therefore they could keep on increasing until someone manages to win. This reason alone makes the game very popular in spite of having very little chances of winning. Moreover, it is drawn more frequently than other worldwide lotteries, being drawn three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The minimum jackpot prize for the SuperEnalotto Italian lottery is €1.3 million, although this amount could increase quickly because of rollovers. Moreover, 60% of all ticket sales is allocated to the overall prize fund.

Some Facts about SuperEnalotto

superenalotto italian lotteryThe very first draw held for SuperEnalotto was on December 3, 1997. It has one of the largest lottery payouts in the world - and also one of the lowest chances of winning as well. It didn’t have its own draw until 2009. Right before that, the six number combination is picked from regional lottery draws in various locations which are Rome, Bari, Milan, Florence, Palermo, and Naples. Meanwhile, the Jolly number is picked from the city of Venice. In the event two same numbers are drawn from two locations, it will be the later’s second ball that will be used, and so on. This has led to a very little chance of the same number appearing twice in the results, making the game almost impossible to win that time.

The biggest jackpot ever won by a single player was €150 million on August 2009. However, an even bigger jackpot was €177 million in October 2010 by a syndicate consisting of 70 people.

Despite having very little odds of winning, the simple fact that SuperEnalotto comes with one of the biggest payouts is more than enough to attract people to playing the game.

If you want to play SuperEnalotto, you should start purchasing your tickets now!