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What's the difference between Quick Picks & Self Picks in Lotteries?

Lotto TicketWho hasn’t been here? Maybe it is Monday or Tuesday morning and after a long commute to work, your boss yells at you first thing in the morning for something you did not even do. During this tirade, you just think how great it would be to win the lottery so you could quit on the spot and take an incredible beach vacation. We all hope this will happen someday.                 

Everybody loves to play the lottery. It is a great way to possibly win an incredible amount of money. Even though the odds are not particularly high of winning, the cost of a ticket is so low that that many people just get a kick out of playing. Further, with a multitude of smaller prices that can be won, more often than not, people feel rewarded even if they never exactly hit the jackpot.

This article will explain some different strategies on how you can play the lottery and hopefully increase your chances of winning the big one and hopefully getting one step closer to live the fantasy life!


Quick Pick versus Self Pick

There are two ways you can select your lottery ticket numbers: You can choose them yourself, according to your favourite numbers, your lucky numbers or entirely at random, or you can have our automated number generator choose them for you. Many people prefer to choose their own numbers for luck, or they may have a system they will stick with until they win. Other people, often those who are short of time or have trouble making a decision, prefer the latter option. It all comes down to your personal preferences because in reality, each option has its own advantages respectively:


Quick Pick-The True Random Advantage

People tend to choose numbers that hold meaning to them. Maybe it is their birthday or the day they might have gotten married. Perhaps, they have chosen their lucky number. Although this can be a fun way to play, the problem is that many of the numbers tend to be lower than thirty.

Depending on where you live the range of number that the lottery may draw from can be as wide as between one and forty-nine. By focusing on these lower numbers people have effectively cut out nearly a third of their potential options.

The other problem is that if you do happen to win big, there is a good chance that other people have selected your same numbers. The same numbers that you chose as representative of important event in your life like birthdays and anniversaries can very likely overlap with numerous other people who may share an interest in them.

Quick picks help eliminate this selection bias. Since the lottery is truly a drawing of random numbers, using a random number generator for your number choices enables to have an edge over those who are not aware of this and will give you not only a higher chance of winning, but also of not having to split the prize with anyone else.


Self-Pick Lottery Tickets

Self pick lottery numbersAll this being said, much of the fun is playing the lottery is in our own ability to have a little control over our fates. At the end of the day, the lottery is a game and it should be fun. Having the computer choose numbers for us takes away a lot of pleasure in it. There are additional factors as well such as:

  • Lucky Numbers- Even the most rigorous or well praised mathematical statistician of probability likely has a lucky number. We can look at things like probability all the time, but in life, so often our guts tell us something different.  Certain numbers just feel right to us and if you take a look at people who have won the mega prize, many will say that they just chose their lucky numbers
  • Emotional Connection- Similar to lucky numbers certain selections may mean something to us. Maybe you play the same numbers that your parents used to or something else important to you. These numbers hold a special significance so even winning even smaller prizes means a lot more than it would be from random ones.
  • Frequently Occurring Numbers- Although the lottery is based off of randomly pulled numbers out of the draw, researchers have conducted studies that concluded that certain numbers tend to occur more frequently than others. Some of these include 37. 20, 2, 31, 7, and 35.  Putting some of these into your selection might make a huge difference for you!


What is the Best Strategy?

In any game of chance, there are always experts who have a true strategy for success. From horse racing to roulette to anything else, some people who are more mathematically inclined play the lottery according to complicated mathematical algorithms that they believe will provide a greater chance of winning the jackpot. In fact, these mathematical algorithms are the same equations used to predict weather patterns, earthquakes, insurance premiums and many other events in our world, so maybe this isn’t such a hair-brained theory after all! And if you have the head for the numbers, then why not go for it? And if you are new to this idea and want to get started, you can look up some of the most common and reliable probability equations, which include the Martingale System or the Fibonacci sequence.

The truth is there is no sure fire way to win just as there is no sure fire way to assure you win or lose. That’s what’s so exciting about playing the lottery! So really, the best way to play is to just get out there and figure out what works best for you. Just remember to have fun while you are doing it.

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