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The UK Lotto Results History & Information

uk lottery standsThe UK Lotto, which is UK’s version of the lottery game, has been launched way back in 1994 as the National Lottery. However, it was until 2002 that it has been rebranded as “Lotto” and has been going on under the name ever since. Ever since it was first launched, the UK Lotto has created multiple millionaires while raising millions every week for a variety of charitable organizations throughout the UK.

The UK lottery results are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday evening. A total of seven UK lottery numbers are drawn randomly from balls numbered 1 to 59. The first six balls will be the main number, while the seventh is the Bonus Ball. Players will need to pick six numbers from the number range, and those who were able to correctly match the six numbers during the draw will end up as UK lotto winners and bring home the jackpot. The prize will be equally shared among all winners who hold the winning ticket.


Prize Breakdown and Winning Odds

The jackpot could experience multiple rollovers in the event no one won, and in most cases, it could go up to eight figures. The top prize could go up to £55 million, but there are cases when the cap can be increased by Lotto officials. In the event no one won the jackpot once it has reached the cap, then the prize money will roll down and gets shared among winners of the next prize tier.

uk lottery numbersThe biggest ever jackpot won in the UK lotto results history was over £66 million back in January 2016. The prize has been equally shared by two winners, each receiving a payout of over £33 million. Another huge jackpot which was won only by a single player was £32.5 million during a Saturday draw on February 13. Here’s a breakdown of the prize tiers and winning odds in UK Lotto:

  • 6 numbers for the jackpot (1 in 45,057,474)
  • 5 numbers plus bonus ball for 2nd prize (1 in 7,509,579)
  • 5 numbers for 3rd prize (1 in 144,415)
  • 4 numbers for 4th prize (1 in 2,180)
  • 3 numbers for 5th prize (1 in 96)
  • 2 numbers for 6th prize (1 in 10)


UK Lotto Draw Information

Most UK Lottery draws are held on live television. The first ever National Lottery show was held at 7 pm on November 1994. For the first few years, the TV show was titled The National Lottery Live and was hosted by Bob Monkhouse or Anthea Turner. Then on January 2013, draws during Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday are no longer broadcasted on TV and can only be watched on the National Lottery’s website. Although you can still find an update of the results on BBC One at 10:35 pm. On November 2016, the draws which are broadcasted live were moved to BBC iPlayer on January 2017. The last live TV broadcast for the lottery was made on New Year's Eve of 2017.

The jackpot could vary, with a base draw on Wednesday night starting at £2 million while around £3.8 to £4 million for the Saturday draw. In the event several players managed to match all six winning numbers, the top prize will be equally shared among them all. However, if no one managed to win the jackpot, then a rollover occurs. It could keep on going until it reaches the cap, although it could go beyond that depending on the lottery officials’ decision. Once the cap is reached, another rollover will occur in which it should be won. However, if no one still managed to win the jackpot, then the top prize will be equally divided among winners of the next prize tier, so on. It is worth noting that the jackpot can exceed the cap during this time, with tickets sales contributing to the overall prize pool.

The odds of landing as one of the UK lottery winners are about 1 in 45 million. To start playing, you will need to be at least 16 years old.


Changes in the UK Lotto

There has been a number of changes that took place in the UK Lotto over the years. The latest alteration has been made in October 2015 wherein the range of number selection has been increased from 49 to 59. Also, a new prize tiers has been added for players who managed to match only two main numbers. Meanwhile, the Lotto Millionaire Raffle has been launched to ensure that one lucky ticket holder would bring home £1 million in every draw. To top it all, 20 lucky players will also be picked randomly and rewarded £20,000 each! Lastly, four rollover limits were removed to give way to higher jackpot prize which now has the capacity to go beyond £55 million.

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