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Go from playing the lottery
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Understanding the Lottery Megaplier


If you are playing a lotto game and you are not winning, even though you are doing that for a long time now, you know how it feels. The reason is that probably don’t have a system, or you are using the wrong method. It does depend mostly on your lock, however, there are some ways that you can influence the game. There are several ways to improve your winnings, the easiest of them all is the MegaPlier, which can make your previously humble winning a jaw dropping one! Ever wandered what is the lottery megaplier? Learn all about lottery megapliers and how they can help you win the megamillions lottery right here.


What is the MegaPlier?

Every lottery has its own bonus options, and for Mega Millions, that is the MegaPlier. In short, this is an option where you can make all win the megaplieryour winnings bigger! For example, for just $1.50 more, you can multiply any potential non-jackpot division prize by up to five! You do not choose the Megaplier number by yourself - the number is selected at random, and it is usually before the main Mega Millions draw, and it is either 2,3,4 or 5.

The whole process is simple. If your winnings from one Mega Millions draw are for example $3.00, and the MegaPlier selected before the main draw was 5, your total winnings are $15.00. This is the best way to get better winnings! To activate the MegaPlier you simply need to check the box on the bottom right hand side of the MegaMillions bet slip.

There is annuity option which gives 30 graduated annual payments. The cash options are a one-time, lump-sum payment which equals all the money in the Mega Millions jackpot prize pool.


How to win more using Megaplier?

It usually happens that we just started to play the game and we already or the winnings are not as big as we want them. The tickets that survived the first few stages of the draw have greater chance to win the jackpot and honestly, those are the only ones that actually did win. With the MegaPlier, all your winnings will be bigger, and you will have more fun playing the game! You will learn some things on How To Win The Lotto. It doesn’t have anything to do with the frequency of playing the game, but rather with how we do it.


How does MegaPlier affect winnings?

No matter what number of plays are you doing, it’s always good to have the MegaPlier option checked. Here are some examples of how it works. If you guessed correctly only Mega Ball, that would equate to $2 winning. Without MegaPlier that would be all, but with it, your prize could be $4, $6, $8 or $10, depending on the MegaPlier multiplier.

Winnings only get bigger with more correct guesses. One number and Mega Ball guessed can get you up to $20 from original $4, while for 4 numbers and Mega Ball you get $50.000 instead of “only” $10.000.


Why should you choose our tool?

how to use the megaplier to win the lotteryWhen you choose a certain number combination for the Mega Millions you probably pick always the same sets of numbers, or rarely create similar ones from a certain range. If you have no idea which number you want to bet on in the lottery, you should use our number generator. It just takes one click on one button and you will get several combinations. If you need more than just one, there is an option where you can adjust settings and choose many combinations you are interested in. Our random number generator operates basically in the same way as any other one, but there are some differences:

The number generator we use is a highly advanced application that makes you assured of getting completely unpredictable results in 100%. If you have a number of combinations and you are not sure of which one you want to use, you can just count on the generation.

Every time you use the tool, you get new and fresh combinations of numbers. After using the “Generate” button, you can be sure that there will be no repetitions of the number sets, which gives you the possibility of getting the most effective in choosing the number for the lottery.

The algorithm we are using in our tool to choose numbers will make you sure that the set of combinations include the most often appearing numbers, which is probably the best and the most important difference. Players tend to forget those numbers, so they don’t use them in their selections. It gives the opportunity to have higher chances of winning in the lottery game without wasting money on countless tickets.

If you decide to use our number generator tool, you will get up to five lines of random number combinations every time you click the button. It will pick the numbers for you, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Every line of numbers will be one of a kind, generated specifically for you and, what’s the most important, only you will have access to the numbers. Every click gives you fresh numbers, so the lines will not be repeated.

It is all about picking the right number combinations in a random way, however, with our tool you are getting even more. Apart from that, our random number generator will make your chances for winning the jackpot or any other lottery higher by using the special algorithm.

So start playing the megamillions lottery right here and see how much you could win using the megaplier and our patented number generator tool!