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How Do You Plan On Spending Your Lottery Winnings?

buy a luxury yacht when you win the jackpotSo, you just won the lotto? What are you going to do now? To win the jackpot or to win the lottery is a dream come true. All of your financial worries and all of your goals and dreams would finally become a reality. Being a lottery winner is like having cheat codes in the game that we call life. So, let us imagine for a second that you happened to play the New York Lotto and you won what some things you could do are?

Well, let's explore this fantastic dream world of possibilities and discover what life could be like if we won the lottery. 

Wake up Neo-Lotto time to leave your job

"Wake up Neo-lotto the financial world has got a hold of you." 

"Here, today's Euromillions results are coming in, and the numbers are......"

Oh, my you have just won the lottery. You can't believe it. All the years of working at that dead end job and now you can kiss that job goodbye. So the first thing you do when you get the lottery is go to your boss and tell him with a firm tone, a back straight and a large smile on your face, "I QUIT." 

Ah! Could you imagine how that would feel? The exhilaration of telling the tyrant who has made the last few months or years of your life miserable to go and.... well let's keep this family friendly. The liberation from the workforce is without a doubt perhaps the biggest and the most influential quirk about winning the lottery. 

So now that you have quit your nightmarish job and told your boss from hell to go back there, you can start living your life. 


Buy some fancy clothes and cars

buy some fancy carsNow that you have the money it is time to look like money. So now you go out and buy that nice sports car that you so longed pined after and you but those beautiful clothes you use to window shop after you day from work. But now that you have quit your job, so boldly and so proudly, you can look at last life the life you want and get the things you want. 

So you get the clothes and car to match your financial means. And you know what life is feeling good right now. But something is missing. What could it possibly be? 


Buy a fabulous home

You have a new wardrobe and a fancy stylish car, but you have no place to put these things. Well, you have the money why not just get a home. Whoa, you imagine last week you had to decide on soda or a bag of chips. You just didn't have enough, and now you are talking about buying a home. 

Life is good right now. So you go out and find a home that you think will now suit your lifestyle. But something else is missing. What could it be?


Time to see the world

For so long ago, when you had no money, you wanted to explore the world. You wanted to visit Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok but you simply didn't have the money. However, now you are flooded with money. You decide that you want to go out and see the world. You decide that you want to rest and relax, You spent, so many years stressed out that now it is time to go and explore the world. 

It is time to relieve yourself of the stress you have pinned up inside of you all these years, and now it is time to loosen up. So you get your passport and set out to see this magnificent planet that we call home. You think back for a second on how life back home was so boring, so banal, so same day in and day out. 

Now that you have won you realize how much you have had taken away from you and you start to live life much better. Much happier and much more fervently. Your life is finally yours to have, and you will not give it back to anyone else ever again. But the something wrong happens. Something unexpected comes along, and that mantra you just said to yourself seems to slip away. 

You meet that person; you meet 'The One". 


The One

They are 'The One.' On your search and journey of rediscovering yourself, you happen to stumble upon that person, who at the time of your meeting has no idea of how wealthy you have become, who seems to like you for who you are genuine. You and the person hit it off very well. However, you are reluctant to tell them to about your finances. Months go by, and they seem to be the perfect fit for your life, and then you reveal to them how massively wealthy you are. 

They love you no more or no less. They love you not the money. You found a partner in life and your light couldn't be any better.


Final Thoughts

Here at How To Win The Lotto, we like to have fun. We like to dream about the lives that we can have. And you know what this life that you have just read can become a reality. It may be tough, and the odds are against you, but your life, your hope, and your dreams are always on your side. 

Come on down to your local lottery or play online and try and get that life you so much dream for. Happying bettings, happy dreaming and happy playing everyone.